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Keep your smile picture perfect.


Protect your hard-earned smile

You finally got your braces off. As you admire how amazing you look, remember that your orthodontic journey isn’t over. Teeth shift over time, so you’ll wear a retainer for a lifetime to keep the teeth in their proper position. 

Sounds daunting? Consider it this way: You’ve just invested a lot of time and money into orthodontic treatment that adds tremendous value to the rest of your or your child’s life, so of course you’ll want to protect this lifelong asset.

Proper retainer maintenance and timely retainer replacement is the only way to maintain your straight teeth and aligned bite.

Forever Retainer Program

At Merrifield Orthodontics, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that your results will last. That’s why we started our Forever Retainer Program, an optional insurance policy that will help protect your smile investment.

How it works
Enroll for $749 and and get a lifetime guarantee of replacement retainers for only $99 each.

  • At the end of your treatment, we take an ultra-accurate digital  impression that can be stored indefinitely.
  • We’ll give you a set of 3D models and two sets of essix retainers. 
  • If you ever lose or break your retainers, or your dog eats them, we will replace them for $99 each.

Here’s the fine print. We have a few requirements to qualify for the $99 replacement: 

  • You don’t lose your 3D models.
  • You don’t let your teeth shift.
  • You have not had any significant dental work done.

Dr. Jones and her team are committed to giving you the best treatment with optimal results. Protect your investment and make peace with your retainer, it’s your new smile’s best friend.

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